core values and goals

ABMR Core Values:

Promoting the highest quality of behavioral medicine research

Stimulating the integration of biomedical and behavioral fields of study to enable multidisciplinary research and learning

Fostering integrity and transparency in all aspects of research and its application

Promoting research with high potential for improving the health and well-being of all

Supporting merit-based recognition and promoting a diversity of ideas, disciplines, and sociodemographic representation within the field of behavioral medicine

Goals of the Academy:

Foster the development and application of high quality research integrating biomedical and behavioral science in the service of better health; 

Identify areas of behavioral medicine research that have special merit, fill gaps in knowledge, or provide a unique opportunity to further our science and improve the public’s health and wellbeing;

Provide a multidisciplinary forum for review of research findings and an assessment of the applicability of such findings to prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of illness;

Serve as a technical and educational resource to governmental and academic entities, as well as the general public;

Promote the highest research and professional standards; and

Provide guidance for research training as well as effectiveness of interventions in behavioral medicine.