2021 ABMR VirtuaL summer MEETING

Climate Emergency, Actions, and Climate Justice: What is the role of behavioral scientists? 

Thank you to all who joined us! Please see the archived video of meeting HERE.


  • Welcome from ABMR Council!: Call for officers, updates on October meeting 
  • Keynotes on the role of Behavioral Scientists for Climate Health: see speakers and background ready below, (1 hour) 

  • Let's talk Climate Action presentations: see speakers and background reading below

  • Discussion/ABMR Chat Time: bring your own coffee!


  1. Lorraine Whitmarsh, PhD, Climate and Behavior Change. Professor, Dept of Psychology, Univ. of Bath, England. Dr. Whitmarsh, a guest to ABMR, is an environmental psychologist, a world authority on low carbon behavior change, gov advisor and a lead author for IPCC’s 6th assessment report (15 min talk, 15 min Q&A) 
  2. Sander van der Linden, PhD, Climate beliefs, polarization, and inoculation. Professor of Social Psychology, Cambridge University,. Dr. Linden, a guest to ABMR, is an international expert on climate, COVID, fake news, trust, how to present scientific uncertainty, and is Editor, J. of Environmental Psychology. (15 min talk, 15 min Q&A) 


  1. Julian Thayer, PhD, Climate change, systemic racism, and health disparities, recommendations for our field. Distinguished University Professor of Psychological Science, member of SBM committee on Climate and Health Disparities.   
  2. Kristi White, PhD; Becoming an advocate of climate health in your own healthcare system. Health Psychologist at Hennepin Healthcare, founding chair of APS SIG for Climate Change, has influenced climate policy in MN



The Role of Psychology and Behavior Change

Yawning at the Apocalypse: How psychologists can help solve the largest social dilemma in history

How psychology can help limit climate change: 2021 American Psychologist

Habit and Climate Change: 2021, Current op in Behavioral  Sciences


The Role of Attitudes and Communications

Improving Public Engagement With Climate Change: Five “Best Practice” Insights From Psychological Science

The Gateway Belief Model (GBM): A review and research agenda for communicating the scientific consensus on climate change 

Advocacy and Social Justice