Psychosomatic Medicine Special Issue – INITIAL QUERY on Call for Papers

Special issue on Geroscience, Aging and Behavioral Medicine

The Editor of Psychosomatic Medicine, Willem J. (Wijo) Kop has secured a special issue for the topic of the upcoming ABMR meeting, with a focus on biobehavioral or biosocial processes that slow or accelerate aging and impact age-related health and disease outcomes. We will be including 16 papers, at least 8 papers from groups or individuals who presented at ABMR. Any person or group who presented topics at the ABMR meeting post-meal discussions, or at other times, is encouraged to think about whether they are interested in presenting a conceptual review or relevant study to this special issue.

There will also be an open call for papers to the scientific community on this topic to accompany the ABMR-based papers. You are all invited to contribute to this issue (whether you attended the meeting or not).

The guest editors of this special issue will be Lisbeth Nielsen, PhD, and Elissa Epel, PhD.  If you are interested, please send an email to Elissa Epel ( and state the potential title, co-authors, and if it is a review or empirical, by Oct 31st.  We will organize initial queries and get back to you later.  The article would be due around June, 2022.

The focus will be similar to what has been covered at ABMR’s meeting on Optimal Longevity: Mechanisms, Reducing Health Disparities, and Increasing Healthspan which is quite broad. The special issue will include both reviews and empirical papers linking behavioral, psychological or social determinants of aging to age-related biological processes (e.g., inflammation, cellular aging, epigenetic change, mitochondrial dysfunction, homeostatic dysregulation) or examining biobehavioral changes from an interventions designed to impact aging and age-related disease by modifying behavioral, psychological of social factors.  We are interested in including the role of climate on health and aging as well.

Articles should fit their guidelines for reviews or empirical articles, described here:

Invited papers are typically accepted for publication. However, all papers, including the ABMR-based invited papers, will be sent out for external review and acceptance will be based on the evaluation of the Guest Editors and Editor-in-Chief of the journal.

It would be excellent to promote ABMR and this important emerging area by way of this special issue. So, please think about how your work could fit in and send me a note of interest (names, tentative title or scope, and note if it’s a conceptual review or empirical).

Thank you for considering submitting to this special issue! It will be a very high quality issue.