We are deeply saddened to share the news of Tica Hall’s health. Tica is a beloved colleague, mentor, and friend, to so many of us. She is also the past president of ABMR and has been so dedicated to service and mentoring.  

ABMR Council has met and voted to create the ABMR Martica Hall Mentoring Award. 

While the details need to be worked out, we hope to award a member each year and fund them to bring an underrepresented minority student or junior faculty trainee to the meeting.

This award will embody the values that Tica lives, as an exemplary and dedicated mentor.  In her long and illustrious career, Tica has mentored many who are now active members of our society. She blends inspiration with practicality and emboldens her trainees to strive for growth and independence. She is a champion of diversity and inclusion and has demonstrated that diverse perspectives create better research teams and discoveries. 

See the recorded zoom talk hosted by APS and ABMR to connect with Tica on May 26th, 2021


martica hall legagy interview

In honor of the mentoring award that we’ve now created in Tica’s honor, ABMR member Dr. Richard Lane conducted a legacy interview with her, to capture her thoughts about mentoring, her own mentors contributions, and her view of her scientific career. He also touched upon some of her personal characteristics that make her so remarkable.