Thursday oct 7TH - Monday 11th, 2021

THE ANNUAL 2021 Meeting

The 2021 meeting was a great success! Thank you for attending (in person or virtually). We are excited to share all of the lectures below. 

See the final schedule here:


Optimal Longevity:

Mechanisms, Reducing Health Disparities, and Increasing Healthspan

2021 Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research Meeting Program


Welcome, Overview. Click to watch here.

The future of longevity & geroscience research 

Elissa Epel, PhD, President of ABMR


Keynote Address #1: Terrie Moffitt, PhD, Duke University. Click to watch here.

How early life shapes adult health, brain aging, and reversibility


Neal Miller New Investigator Award: Ashley Mason, PhD, UCSF (30 min). Click to watch  here.

Warming Up to a New Treatment Model: Whole-Body Hyperthermia for Depression.


ABMR Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award: Julian Thayer, PhD, UCI. Click to watch here.

The Effects of Racism: Personal and Scientific Reflections


Keynote Address #2: Steve Horvath, PhD, University of California, Los Angeles. Click to watch here.

Causes and consequences of epigenetic clocks.

Chair: Elissa Hamlat, PhD


Keynote Address #3: Daniel Belsky, PhD, Columbia University. Click to watch here.

Telling the future: The predictive power of indices of biological aging.



AvShalom Caspi, PhD (Duke) Stability of biomarkers: Challenges & opportunities

Judith Carroll, PhD (UCLA), chair, Role of sleep in biological aging

Martin Picard, PhD (Columbia) Mitochondrial variation in daily life and stress

Eli Puterman, PhD (U. British Columbia). Exercise trials and cell aging


Keynote Address #4: Michael Snyder, PhD, Stanford University.
The Exposome and insights into the Ageotype: Biosensors and Big Data. Click to watch here.

Chair: Aric Prather, PhD, UCSF


Special Interview: Robin Carhart-Harris, PhD, UCSF/Imperial College London. Psychedelic therapy, mental health, and potential implications for aging. Click to watch here.



Kristine Yaffe, PhD (UCSF) Modifiable Risk Factors for Improving Brain Health

Carlos Mendes de Leon, PhD (U. Michigan) Social engagement for preventing cognitive decline & dementia

Scott Hofer, PhD (U. Victoria) Developing and Validating Digital Biomarkers for Dementia Prevention and Intervention



MASTER LECTURE: Adam Pearson, PhD (Pomona College)

Understanding climate vulnerability: Public perceptions, polarization, & opportunities Click to watch here.


Panel Discussion:  What is the mental health impact of climate change? How can behavioral medicine help individuals and institutions and policy change? Click to watch here.

Donald Edmondson, PhD, MPH (Columbia) chair; Kristi White, PhD, LP (Hennepin Healthcare); Alison Holman, PhD, NP (UCI)  (30 min).


MASTER LECTURE: Translational Geroscience of Aging. Click to watch here.

Steve Kritchevsky, PhD, MSPH (Wake Forest); Discussant, Lis Nielsen, PhD (NIA)



PARASYMPATHETIC Plenary debate. Click to watch here.

Is vagus activity a mediator of health and aging? How can we change baseline?

Chair: Suzanne Segerstrom, PhD (U. Kentucky)

Julian Thayer, PhD (UCI); Richard Sloan, PhD (Columbia); Lauren Whitehurst, PhD (U. Kentucky)


MINDFULNESS: Mechanisms of mindfulness and compassion training. Click to watch here.

Chair: Quinn Conklin, MA (UCD)

Cheryl Giscombe, PhD (UNC) Mindfulness, stress, and racial disparities

Linda Carlson, PhD (U. Calgary) Mindfulness and emotion regulation in cancer survivors

David Creswell, PhD (CMU) Acceptance and stress processes

Cliff Saron, PhD (UCD) Attention, inflammation, and cellular aging during intensive meditation


Experiential Keynote Address #5: Richard Davidson, PhD, UW Madison. Click to watch here.

Meditations & Reflections


Special Interview: Breathing, wellbeing, and aging: A conversation with James Nestor,. science journalist and author of bestseller “Breath: The new science of a lost art” Click to watch here.


Keynote Address #6: Kelly Brownell, PhD (Duke). Click to watch here.

Strategic Research: Increasing your impact on population health