Officers of the abmr

The Academy membership roster lists approximately 300 members, representing all areas of behavioral medicine. Governance is by a President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Executive Council. The president is elected for a 1-year term. All other officers are elected to a 3-year term.

President:  Anna Marsland, PhD, RN

Past President: Elissa Epel, PhD

President Elect:  Ian Kronish, MD, MPH

Secretary: Paige Green, PhD, MPH

Treasurer: Joseph Schwartz, PhD

Membership Chair:  Shari Waldstein, PhD

Executive Council: 

David Chae, ScD, MA, Kim Lavoie, PhD,  Dan Mroczek, PhD,  Eli Puterman, PhD,  Frank Penedo, PhD,  Suzanne Segerstrom, PhD, MPH, Richard Sloan, PhD